MaryAnn L. Miller

Welcome to MaryAnn L. Miller

Printmaker Book Artist Poet Periodically Paralyzed

I'm a visual artist and poet. My new book of poems is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press in February 2018. It is now in pre-order. Reserve your copy by going to and entering my title Cures for Hysteria in the search field.

  "Caught in a genetic trap, Miller writes about herself as a mutant, paralyzed periodically each day, diagnosed as hysteric at age fourteen. This memoir in poetry uncovers a history of medical misjudgment and digs into the heavy weight of that history still pressing on women and men alike in medicine, psychology, religion, and culture."      

These images are prints on large fabrics I did while at Ragdale Foundation last year. They will become part of an installation featuring an artist book with collaborator poet J. C. Todd. It's about people forced from home and will be titled "On Foot/By Hand."

The kitchen is also a studio. This dish is composed of grape tomatoes, celery, apples, fennel with a light dressing of white balsamic vinegar that my daughter brought to me from the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, the same place my grandparents roamed and finally left. I feel that art, food, music have all fed the generations of my family. Despite the presence of a neuromuscular condition, I have been able to find ways to make.